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Americans in Shanghai (Volumes 1 & 2)


Americans in Shanghai, a flagship project of the SIAS, is a book series about American nationals living and working in Shanghai. By uncovering their personal journey to China and their rise to success, the books give insights into the development of Shanghai from the perspective of American expats. The books also shed light on the role Shanghai can play in promoting China-US relations.

After the Chinese edition of Volume 1 was published by the Zhongxi Book Company in 2013, the English edition of Volume 1 and the bilingual edition of Volume 2 were brought out in August 2015. The book series won the third prize in the publication category at the 13th Silver Dove Awards in Shanghai. 

People featured in the first two volumes include:
Kenneth Jarrett, former US Consul General in Shanghai
Brenda Foster, former President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
Tess Johnston, veteran researcher on Western architecture in old China
Laurie Underwood, co-author of China CEO and China Entrepreneur
Roger M Ray, President of Tandus Asia 
Charles Humphrey Smith, Managing Director of the International Division of Juss Event 
Ken Wilcox, former President and CEO at SPD Silicon Valley Bank 
Devon Nixon, CEO of Soiltap China
Kerry Jacobson, the 20th superintendent of Shanghai American School
Steve Kulich, Director of the SISU Intercultural Institute
John Quelch, former Vice President of China Europe International Business School
Jeffrey Lehman, Vice Chancellor of New York University Shanghai
John D. Van Fleet, Assistant Dean at Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
Jean-Marc Blanchard, Professor at East China Normal University
Stephen Larsen, Senior Vice President for Kaplan International 
Emery Brautigan, CEO at Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics 
Tori Lynn Zwisler, Board Chair of Shanghai Roots and Shoots
Aaron Wininger, Shanghai Representative of Perkins Coie LLP
Nancy Merrill, former host of talk showMinds of Millionaires 
Wm Patrick Cranley, co-founder of the Shanghai Historic House Association
Alex Ahlstrom, founder of a Mensa group among expats in Shanghai
Mark Powers, Amateur comedian and blogger
Steven Weathers, TV presenter, film director, producer and actor
Mark Secchia, founder of food delivery service Sherpa’s
Steve Liang, co-founder of online grocery store FIELDS
Shaun Rein, founder of China Market Research 
Scott Minoie, founder and managing partner of Element Fresh
James Feldkamp, founder of MingJian
Michael Rosenthal, Palau’s former Justice Minister
Eric Zwisler, Chairman of Cardinal Health China
John V. Grobowski, American lawyer
Janet Shanberge, veteran consultant
Douglas Young,journalist and blogger
Jennifer Tarlin, Director of the American Culture Center at USST
Justin O’Jack, Chief Representative of the University of Virginia China Office
Andrew Field,historian and writer
Spencer Dodington, architect and architectural historian
Jeffrey Chen,PhD candidate at Fudan University