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American Studies Book Series (Volumes 1-5)


Compiled by the SIAS, the American Studies Book Series aims to collect and present an array of significant research papers on American studies and China-US relations. Selecting from high-quality research with a far-reaching impact on policy-making, we have picked the papers authored by our part-time researchers for this series. The book series is mainly a collection of monographs, and includes compilations, anthologies and translations, covering economy, security, society, politics, and emerging topics.

The first five volumes are as follows: The Adjustment of American Anti-Terror Strategy and Its Impact on China (Editor-in-Chief: Zhang Jiadong), Money, Power and China-US Financial Relations (Author: Song Guoyou), The United States and Sino-US Relations in the 21st Century (Editor-in-Chief: Wu Xinbo), US Nuclear Strategy and International Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime after the Cold War (Author: Xia Liping), and Strategic Preference, Domestic Institutions and US Foreign Economic Policy (Author: Wu Qisheng). The series was published by the Current Affairs Press.